Engraving Matching Champagne Flutes

Oct 11, 2023

I am excited to share with you my step-by-step process for engraving a matching pair of champagne toasting flutes. If you enjoy this and want to learn a whole lot more about engraving on all types of surfaces, check out my full length course Engraving: Basics to Beyond.

1) Outline the base of the glass onto a plain piece of paper to create a template.

2) Use a compass to add a baseline for your writing. The compass will allow you to create an inner circle with a smaller circumference that follows the outer circle. 

3) Draft your lettering onto the template. This master template will allow you to create multiple matching glasses.

4) Place your glass back on the pencil draft template and trace the lettering onto the glass using a fine tipped permanent marker.

5) Engrave over the marker. Any residual marker can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

5) Apply metallic fill to make the engraving show more dramatically. Be sure to keep the fill off of any packaging or labels.

6) Don't forget to take pictures of your lovely work before handing them off!

Supplies Used:
INKMETHIS Calligraphy Engraver and engraving burs from
Rub n' Buff silver fill
fine tip permanent marker
makeup brush


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