The Calligrapher's Laser Liner

Jul 16, 2023

The INKMETHIS Calligraphy Laser Liner* is the perfect calligraphy laser! It sharply and accurately produces two parallel red laser lines at a 4mm span for a wide array of writing uses. Easily switch the laser tower to the alternative rotating single red laser line for even more script and layout options. 

0:00 Components included with your INKMETHIS Calligraphy Laser Liner
0:30 Assembly of the Calligraphy Laser Liner
1:03 Using your Calligraphy Laser Liner
1:56 Left vs Right Handed Use
2:17 Adjusting the single laser
2:52 Adjusting the double laser
4:14 Single laser calligraphy samples
4:21 Double laser calligraphy samples
5:23 Both laser calligraphy samples

For technical specs and to purchase: INKMETHIS Calligraphy Laser Liner (available at and select art supply retailers).

The INKMETHIS Calligraphy laser liner comes with a writing base and two laser towers, one with a double parallel line laser and one with a rotating single line laser. While you are able to use any preferred guide sheet for the project at hand, you can print my three favorite guide sheets here.

Yes! We think of you lefty calligrapher friends! The laser easily works for left-handed calligraphers no differently than it does for righties. Simply rotate the base such that the laser is on your right before placement of your guide sheet.

The laser is an exceptional calligraphy tool for both pointed pen and broad edge calligraphers alike. The versatility of the two laser towers means that your creative imagination is really your only limiting factor.

While we do anticipate that the production calligraphers in the house are going to be the most excited (because who doesn't want a tool that helps you accurately crank out that stack of addresses with more speed!), the uses of the Laser Liner expand well beyond envelopes and place cards. Make use of it for quotes, letters, and poems as well.

You can even use both lasers at once! Say what?! Until now, calligraphers wanting to achieve the below layout would need to position a laser at an angle, write names on all the envelopes, then reposition the laser, go through the stack again to write the addresses (and hope to not put the wrong address with the wrong name). Now, with the INKMETHIS Calligraphy Laser Liner, you can use both the rotating single laser and the double line laser simultaneously to complete each envelope in one pass.

 Any time you see a full address, it is definitely fake. See my blog post on Safely Posting Calligraphy Envelope Photos on Social Media.

*patent pending



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