Vintage Postage Sellers

Jul 05, 2023

Are you a fan of vintage postage stamps? Do you love the look and feel of old postage, but struggle to find unused stamps for your mailings? Look no further than vintage postage sellers!

These sellers specialize in finding and selling unused vintage stamps from all over the world. Whether you're looking for a specific design or just want to add some vintage flair to your envelopes, these sellers have got you covered.

We put word out to our calligraphy community and asked where you all love to shop. Here are some of the top vintage postage sellers to check out.

BUT before I get to the list, a couple of MONEY SAVING tips on using (or not using) vintage postage... 

  • In regards to the cost, there is a huge difference between modern and vintage postage. When buying modern postage, you pay the face value of the stamp. If the stamp is worth 40 cents of postage, you pay 40 cents. However, with vintage postage, you pay based on the rarity of the particular stamp. You may end up paying $2.50 for that same 40 cent worth of postage if it's a stamp that has been out of circulation for a while.
  • To save money, use a modern Forever Stamp along with vintage postage. Pro tip: It can even be USED vintage postage! You can purchase used vintage postage in bulk even by color theme. It's still beautiful, it just already has the post office monetary cancellation mark on it... doesn't matter! It will all have that by the time it gets to the recipient anyways. That smaller stamp is a modern Forever Stamp and the larger one is vintage postage is just for looks.

  • Always be careful to check current postage rates! For example, in the below photo, even though I'm using three stamps, they only total a value of 19 cents. That's not nearly enough postage. Vintage postage is for much lower values (which is a fun/depressing proof of how much postage rates have gone up over time). It's always a good idea to take one of your stuffed envelopes to your local post office for them to assess actual cost of mailing. 

  • Another way to save money is to make a collage of modern stamps. Because never has a huge collection of stamps available for purchase at any one given time, keep your eye on their releases.  When you see pretty options, swoop them up. Before long, you'll have a collection that cost you way less than vintage postage. In the below example, it actually cost me less money to use two Forever Stamps with one 2 cent stamp than it would have cost me to do a vintage postage collage.


VINTAGE POSTAGE SELLERS (no affiliation to INKMETHIS and in no particular order):

  1. Enfield Post
    It is owned by Gracie Cote, and they offer a wide selection of vintage stamps for all occasions. They also offer custom stamp sets, so you can create your own unique look for your envelopes.
    Instagram Account: @enfieldpost
    [email protected] for custom postage sets.
    Deals at Instagram Account: @epsundaysale
  2. Flourish Fine Writing
    It is owned by Rebecca Warnock, and they specialize in custom curated postage for weddings and other special occasions. They also offer a variety of vintage stamps for all your snail mail needs.
    Instagram Account: @flourishfinewriting

  3. Edelweiss Post
    It is owned by Patrick Dea, offers vintage postage and out-of-print forever stamps for wedding invitations and other snail mail needs. They are based in Minneapolis, MN, but ship worldwide.
    Instagram Account: @edelweiss_post

  4. Ebay
    This is a great option for those who are looking for specific vintage stamps. They offer a wide selection of unused vintage stamps, and they often have hard-to-find stamps that you won't find anywhere else.
    Website: Ebay Search for "US Mint stamp sheets"

  5. Little Postage House
    This is owned by Loly, offers vintage postage sets, wedding invitations, greeting cards, stationery, and more. They have a variety of vintage stamps to choose from, and they offer smaller sets for those who don't need large quantities.
    Instagram Account: @littlepostagehouse

  6. Piece of the Past Stamps
    They offer both vintage and new Royal Mail stamps. They have a variety of British collectible postage stamps for collecting, letters, pen pals, and more. They also offer discounted postage.
    Instagram Account: @pieceofthepastcrafts

  7. Postage Stamp Studio
    This shop offers a wide selection of vintage postage stamps for all your snail mail needs. They offer unused vintage postage stamps, as well as wedding postage stamps.
    Instagram Account: @postagestampstudio

  8. Magnolia Postage
    Magnolia Postage specializes in vintage US postage, and they are dedicated to elevating paper correspondence with their selection of vintage stamps. They have an online postage store that is always open, so you can shop whenever you need to.
    Instagram Account: @magnoliapostage




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